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This is not just a guy who posts videos on YouTube for a living. His name is Joseph Michael Graceffa and he is one of the most gracious, hardworking, yet bravest people I’ve ever come across. He posts one to two videos every single day, works countless hours on projects and films, and tries his very best to interact with his fans as much as possible. And why does he do this? Because he knows how much we enjoy it and it’s something he loves doing. It’s not fair to him that he gives us a reason to smile, but when it’s him who’s down, some people just don’t know how to return the favor. There are thousands upon thousands of words in an English dictionary, but none of them could be put together to describe how much he means to me. I really and truly hope he knows how many lives he has impacted just for being who he is and that there will always be someone to support him.